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Book your stay in modern and exclusive deluxe rooms and apartments that reflect your personality. Experience nature’s hues in our NATURAL deluxe room. Choose LUXURIOUS for a lavish escape from daily routines. Add color to your holiday in our COLOURFUL deluxe room. Select NOSTALGIC to carry memories from your journey. Be extravagant in our EXTRAVAGANT deluxe room and explore new horizons of enjoyment in TRANSCENDANT. Unravel the mystery of the POWERFUL deluxe room or enjoy the luxurious simplicity of PLAIN. For a sophisticated vacation, the COOPEN apartment is the perfect choice.

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Lobby Bar and Ski storage

In our lobby bar, exclusively reserved for our guests, every moment spent transforms into a special experience. Imagine a place surrounded by warmth and hospitality, where elegance and comfort perfectly intertwine. Here, every detail is carefully designed to contribute to your relaxation and enjoyment.

Breakfast in our bar is not just an ordinary meal. It’s an opportunity to start your day in the most beautiful way possible. From the moment you enter, you will be enveloped by the aroma of freshly prepared coffee and the sound of gentle music, providing a soothing rhythm to your morning.

Within our accommodation, there is also a ski storage where you can safely store your equipment.

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